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Wednesday, Aug 30 2017  Kitchen Design

The Triangle Theory by Nadia Perry

When it comes to the layout of a kitchen, we are often asked about the triangle theory and how it applies to kitchen design. 'The Triangle Theory' was developed in the 1940s to address the efficiency between the major work centres: cooking (cooktop/oven), preparation (sink) and food storage (refrigerator). The idea being when these three elements are in close proximity, the kitchen will be easy and efficient to use. These three points and t...

Thursday, Aug 03 2017  Custom Kitchens

Why choose custom made cabinetry for your new kitchen? by Nadia Perry

A custom-built kitchen is like a tailor made suit – tailored to your exact needs for the perfect fit.

There are different options when choosing cabinets that vary greatly depending on materials used, construction, size and finishes. Here are some reasons to consider custom made cabinetry in your new kitchen:


We employ qualified Interior Designers, each specialising in Kitchen Design. Our Interior Designers will work wi...

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